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A group of LJ friends gathered together in summer 2007 to create a book of stories and art for our dear friend, lorie945, who is fighting ovarian cancer. That book was published and bound in a special edition for her and presented to her at the end of July 2007 in Chicago. The book was then published via and sold for several months, all proceeds above cost going to the Ovarian Cancer Research Fund.

Now that six months have elapsed, the authors are now posting their stories on-line here and in their LJs and web sites. We hope you'll friend the community (it's members-only for the LJers who participated in the project) so you can see all the stories as they begin to appear on-line.

If you'd like a copy of the book in its published form, please contact baranduin at and she'll get a copy printed for you.

Table of contents for all fic and art included in For Lorie
Stories/art include links where the authors/artists have posted their contribution(s) on-line

Untitled by Cassie (Due South)
In the Morning Light by Mews1945 (LOTR, Frodo/Eomer)
Hero by Febobe (LOTR, genfic)
Waves of Emotion by Lyrastar77 (LOTR, Frodo/Sam)
Never Too Late by Shirebound (LOTR, genfic)
Loving Frodo by Angharad001 (LOTR, Frodo/Sam)
Love's First Bloom by Addie71 (LOTR, Frodo/Sam)
Secret Place by Primula Baggins (LOTR, Frodo/Sam)
At Pale Evening by Mariole (LOTR, Frodo/Eomer)
From the Journal and Sketchbook of Calla Brandybuck by Dreamflower (LOTR, genfic)
The Bookbinder and the Hobbit by Baranduin, Illustration by Lily Baggins (LOTR, genfic)
Sam's Hands by Melyanna_65 (LOTR, Frodo/Sam)
How Do You Feel? by Arabia764 (Lotrips, Orlando/Elijah)
The Mallorn Tree by Easterlily41482 (LOTR, Frodo/Sam)
A Question of Protection by Angie T (LOTR, Frodo/Eomer)
Acceptance of Absence by Honeyandvinegar (Faculty, Casey/Zeke)
Life After Delilah by Ink Gypsy (Faculty, Casey/Zeke)
Night Safari by Iorhael (Lotrips, David/Elijah)
A Strong and Loving Heart by Ithiliana (LOTR, Frodo/Eomer)
The Healing Heart by Aprilkat (LOTR, Frodo/Eomer)
Autumn Sunshine by Lyrastar77 (LOTR, Frodo/Sam)
A Loaf of Bread and Thou by Hanarobi (Charioteer, Ralph/Laurie)
A Commotion About a Potion by Ladysunrope (LOTR, Frodo/Sam)
Ever It Was So by Trianne (LOTR, Frodo/Eomer)
Big Folk by Ink Gypsy (LOTR, Frodo/Sam)
Between by Beruscats (LOTR, Frodo/Boromir)
Star + Dust by Azrhiaz (LOTR and Lotrips, Frodo/Sam, Elijah/Karl)
Catch by Singe (LOTR, genfic)
Too Long To Wait: Menagerie by Claudia (LOTR, Frodo/Aragorn)
Partners by Slipperieslope (Alias Smith and Jones, genfic)
Making Spirits Bright by Breon Briarwood (LOTR, genfic)
Lavender Dreams by Lovethosehobbits (LOTR, genfic)
The Age of Enlightenment 1, 2, 3 by Elycia (LOTR, Frodo/Sam)
Tending by Claudia (LOTR, Frodo/Aragorn)
A "Beyond" Universe Drabble by Lily Baggins (LOTR, Frodo/Aragorn)
The Sunday Tea Fic Challenge by True River and Poicale (Charioteer/LOTR crossover)
Brazil by Trianne (LOTR AU crossover, Frodo/Kewtbot)
The West Wind by Gentle Hobbit (LOTR, genfic)
Three Words by Hewene (LOTR, genfic)
Some Seasons by Sophinisba (LOTR, genfic)
The Hobbit and the Storyteller by Ourdramaqueen (LOTR, Frodo/Eomer)
Periwinkle F**king Blue Sky by Baranduin (LOTR, Frodo/Faramir)
The Butterfly River by Ismenin (LOTR, genfic)
Unlikely Places by Elanor Gardner, Illustration by Daffodil Bolger (LOTR, genfic)

Donate to the National Ovarian Cancer Coalition

Donate to the Ovarian Cancer Research Fund

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