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Lily is being shy about posting her contributions to the project, which were immense.

Fic: A "Beyond" Universe Drabble
Author: Lily Baggins
Pairing: Frodo/Aragorn
Betas: Trianne and Baranduin
Summary: This drabble* is set in Lorie’s wonderful “Beyond” universe, during the story Fever, in which Frodo suffers from pneumonia.

Frodo breathed deeply, inhaling the fresh scent—not at all unlike a sunny spring morning in the Shire—that permeated his room. Turning slightly in bed, he gazed at the man sitting beside him.

“Doc says you know something about healing.”

Estel smiled. “I have some training in the healing arts. All rangers do.” So saying, he tossed the fragrant leaves he’d crushed within his hands into a steaming basin.

A feeling of well-being such as he’d never known consumed Frodo. As he relaxed and drifted to sleep, Estel’s likeness stole into his mind’s eye, fitted with a winged, bejeweled crown.
Hope, indeed.

*Editor’s Note: The author of this story has indicated that she has written it in the literary form known to all and sundry (sundry mostly being found loitering around a disreputable locale known as LiveJournal) as a “drabble”. Careful attention to detail requires us, the Editors (a.k.a. the Three Hobbit Stooges), to point out that a true drabble always consists of 100 words. Not 101. Not 99. This story contains 103 words. We have counted. Several times.

In addition to contributing this fic, Lily also provided the beautiful Rohan-themed line drawing that was then used by the bookbinder to create the front cover of Lorie's leather-bound copy. The picture of it behind the cut gives a good idea but of course it was 100 times more beautiful in person.

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